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450 Decorative Borders You Can Paint, Jodie Bushman, NL-33326

A Festive Collection, Maxine Thomas, Jamie Mills-Price, Debbie Cole, John Sliney, Bob Pennycook, VW87-12081
A Festive Collection 2, VW87-13173
A Kindred Welcome, Beverly Kindred, E01-2578
A Road to America's Past, John Sliney, VW87-12050
A Road to Holiday's Past Vol 2, John Sliney, VW87-12100
Adorable Animals You Can Paint, Jane Maday, NL-33415
All Things Possible with Puddles of Paint, Susan kelley, E01-2556
American Bounty, Kaaren Johnston CDA, LA-22611
Americana From Our Hearts, various, VW87-13134
Antique Images, Andy Jones, GC-07ANTIQUE
Apron Strings, Peggy Trabalka, PV-06APRON

Basically Bentwood, Bob Pennycook, VW87-12051
Beautiful Blooms, Priscilla Hauser, PLA-9899
Beginner's Guide to Lace Painting, Patricia Rawlinson, LA-22605
Believe Me ...Crafters Mean Business Vol 4, Laurie Speltz, WU-CRAFTERS4
Believe Me ... It's Just Around the Corner Vol 7, Laurie Spelta, WU-CORNER7
Birds and Flowers, Willow Wolfe, PLA-9885
Blue Ribbon Roses, assorted artists, LA-22616
Bow Wow & Meows, Peggy Harris, PLA-9871
Brushstroke Handbook, Maureen McNaughton, NL-33451
Brushtiques 2, Linda Lover, VW87-13144
By the Water's Edge, Mary McCullah, PLA-9869 

Christmastime Between the Vines Vol 4, Jamie Mills-Price, BTV-XMAS4
Christmastime Between the Vines Vol 5, Jamie Mills-Price, BTV-XMAS5
Christmas Blessings, Lynne Andrews, VW187-13145
Christmas Spice, Renee Mullins, PP-SPICE
Convert It! 2nd Edition, Ballantine and Davis, GC-CONVERT
Country Pathways Vol 5, Annette Dozier, E01-2594
Country Primitives 14, Maxine Thomas, MAX-14
Country Seasons Vol 5 - Fall & Freezin', Karen Wisner, E01-2584
Country Seasons Vol 6 - Fall & Freezin', Karen Wisner, E01-2604
Country's Edge Vol 4, Shirley Koenig, E01-2602
Creative Colored Pencil Workshop, Carolyn Hershberger, NL-33498
Creative Painting for Scrapbookers, Lori Bergmat

Delightfully Distinctive Designs for the Home, Lynn Deptula and Judy Diephouse, DIST-DELIGHT
Designer Canvases Vol 1, various, LA-22625
Designer Canvases Vol 2, various, LA-22639
Donna Dewberry's All New Book of One Stroke, Donna Dewberry, NL-33372
Down Roads Less Traveled Vol 4, Bill "Ridley" Bayer, E01-2586
Down Roads Less Traveled Vol 5, Bill "Ridley" Bayer, E01-2596

Enjoy the Seasons Vol 5, Roni LaBree, E01-2580
Enjoy Painting Fresh Florals, Susan Scheewe, SSP-589
Enjoy Painting Landscapes, Susan Scheewe, SSP-588

Fast and Fun Flowers in Acrylics, Laure Paillex, NL-33503
Finishing Touches 3, VW87-13133
Flowers Around the World, Multiple Artists, PLA-9847
Folk Art Fun 'n Funky, Shara Reiner, LA-22598

Garden Lights, Sue Bailey, PLA-9878  $10.95
Gift Card Ornaments, Bess Daniel, PLA-9891
Gourds Go to Work, Elizabeth Scesniak, LA-22607
Gran's Summer Place, Ros Stallcup, SSP-592
Guide to Painting Water Scenes, Robert Warren, NL-Z0054

Hand Panted Tiles for Your Home, Danne Trierweiler, NL-33227
Harvest Home, Kaaren Johnston CDA, LA-22612

I Can't Believe I'm Tole Painting, Distinctive Brushstrokes, LA-22635

Jan's Painted Memories, Jan Belliveau, LA-22593
Juicy Fruits & Fragrant Flowers, Pat Smelkoff ,PLA-9883
Just For You, Laurie Speltz, PLA-9903

Kids Luv to Paint, Erika Frei and Elaina Appleby, LA-22597
Kindred Hearts Vol 3, Viki Sherman, SSP-584

Landscape Basics Vol 2, Sharon Buononato, E01-2558
Learn to Paint with Priscilla Hauser, Priscilla Hauser, PLA-9830
Light the Seaons, Kay Quist, VW87013190
Lily May Pond, Susan Pisoni, E01-2592
Linens & Lace Vol 3, Arlene Linton, VW87-12052
Love Brings Peace, Kay Quist, VW87-13189
Lovin' Spoonful Vol 3, Gerry Klein, E01-2560

Messages from Santa - BELIEVE, Judy Westegaard, VIK-9092
Messages from Santa - GIVE, Judy Westegaard, VIK-9093
Messages from Santa - JOY, Judy Westegaard, VIK-9091
Messages from Santa, Peace & Goodwill, Judy Westegaard, VIK-9090
Mixed Media Canvas, Chris Thornton, LA-22626
More Snowies, Trudy Beard, PLA-9874
My Favorite Things, Trudy Beard, PLA-9898

One Stroke Bold & Fresh, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9868
One Stroke Botanicals for the Home, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9905
One Stroke Canvas Creations, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9907
One Stroke Home Accents & More, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9908
One Stroke Fashionable Fabric Painting, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9751
One Stroke Landscapes for the Home, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9906
One Stroke Mini Designs & More, Donna Dewberry, PLA-9840

Paint for the Holidays, Assorted Artists, LA-22596
Paint-a-Gift, Assorted Artists, LA-22614
Paint-a-Pocket, Assorted Artists, LA-22531
Paint-a-Pot, Linda Gillum, LA-22588
Paint-a-Tile, assorted artists, LA-22617
Paint-a-Tin, Assorted Artists, LA-22595
Paint-a-Tray, Assorted Artists, LA-22585
Painted Canvas Collage, Ginger Edwards, PLA-9879
Painted Chairs for Tiny Tots, Multi-Artist, LA-22615
Painted Floral Landscapes, JoSonja Jansen, JP-164
Painted Treasures, DAC collection, NL-Z0559
Painters Quick Reference: Flowers & Blooms, Multi-Artist, NL-33430
Painters Reference: Cats & Dogs, Multi-Artist, NL-Z0125
Painting for Christmas, Better Homes & Garden, LA-22601
Painting Landscapes Filled With Light, Dorothy Dent, NL-33412
Painting Nature, Peggy Harris, NL-33382
Painting Peaceful Landscapes, Annette Dozier, NL-Z0608
Painting Songbirds, Sherry Nelson, NL-Z0230
Pam's Painted Pretties, Pam Childress, E01-2598
Peace and Plenty, Lynne Andrews, PV-06PEACE
Plum Purdy - Snow Many Friends, Rene Mullins, E01-2588
Prairie Blessings, Kim Klasson, VIK-9086

Realistic Techniques Vol 3, Judy Sleight, SSP-587
Rosemaling for Anyone, Lois Mueller, PV-ROSEMALING

Saltbox Seasons Vol 2, Bonnie Demers, E01-2562
Seasons & Other Reasons to Paint, Debra Jordan Bryan, LA-22613
Simple Beliefs, Laurie Speltz, VW87-13177
Simply Beautiful Watercolors, Kathie George, LA-22497
Snowmen Seen, Kay Quist, VW87-13188
Some of My Favorite Things Vol 2, Corinne Riopelle, VW87-12090
Starlight Wishes Bk 1, Bev Johnson, LBA-WISHE
Summer Splash, Sandra Malone, SM-SPLASH
Sunshine Kisses & Warm Winter Wishes 4, Holly Hanley, E01-2600

Time for All Seasons, Kay Quist, VW87-13187
Timeless Treasures with Perm-Enamel, Sharon Shannon, VW87-12876
Times Remembered, Annette Dozier, E01-2574
Totally Tags, Kelly Hoernig, LA-22594
Tuttle's Touches Vol 3, Mary Jo Tuttle, E01-2582
Tuttle's Touches Vol 4, Mary Jo Tuttle, E01-2606

Ultimate Book of Faux Finishes, Martha Kenton, LA-22569

Victoria's Painted Garden, JoSonja Jansen, JP-165
Vintage Posters and Signs, Jill DeMaria and Maria Grimanis, PLA-9894

Watercolor Classics, Gayle Laible, LA-22619
Windows of My World Vol 9, Jackie Claflin, SSP-590
Winter Days & Holidays on Cape Cod, Charlene Barlow, VW87-12092
Winter Grace, Gail Eads, VW87-12091
World of Animals Vol 6, Ana Bernabe, VIK-9085

You Can Draw with Colored Pencils, Weekend Artist Series, LA-22582
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