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Decorative Painting Projects
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JB Wood Spring Festival
Jar Lid Snowman on the left is adapted from DecoArt's Project Library.  Click on the title to view the instructions.
Sweet Little Snowy Face is a free pattern by Jamie Mills-Price.  Visit her website www.betweenthevines.com for the pattern and another one for a Sweet Ginger Face.

Surface used in the samples: WH-26314 3 1/4" Paper Mache Circle Tag (small)

Small covered wooden bowl is adapted from any snowman face pattern. It is embellished with DecoArt Snow Tex.

Surface used:  DCC-27-2036 Round Wooden Container 4 1/4"
GREAT Easy and Quick Project anyone can do
Snowface stencil can be used on any 7" round or hexagonal surface.
Stencil: SE-MH03 Snowflake Snowman 5x5 3/8"
Surface used:  DCC-28-9222 7" Paper Mache Round Box with Rusty Cover
To speed up project, sponge on white DecoArt Metal paint, left dry then
stencil with regular Americana paints.
Alternate surface:  DCC-28-9224 7" Hexagonal Box with Rusty Cover
More stenciling!
Stencil: CC-BCS150 Winter Wonderland words
Surface: DCC-24-7108 Rusty Sign 2 x 6"
Right Photo shows Stencil AHS-W40 Imagine*Dream*Achieve
Other popular word stencils include AHS-W87 Believe
Click on More Word Stencils to see others.
J.W. Etc Waxes are available in Aged Gold, Gold, Copper, Red, Silver and Kit of mixed colors. Waxes are rubbed on edges of the signs. Right photo shows how different colors look on rusty metal. Bottom right sign is sponge painted with DecoArt American Metal Paint Bronze.
Gingerbread Face pattern is from Paint on a Happy Face.

Surface:  DCC-28-0494 Ornament Box with 3" glass ball
These are only a few of the FREE fun ideas you can find on manufacturers' and artists' websites.
(© 2010 Anne Hunter)
For free instructions and supply list to paint Snowy Box, click on Snowy Box.
(click on photo for larger pic)
Snowy Box
More FREE Projects
- Traditions paint
Peter Ompir Fruit Tray by Susan Abdella MDA
DecoArt Helping Artist Project of the Month
permission granted by DecoArt to post these instructions
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Traditions Artist Acrylics and Mediums
Surface:  European Tray, R&M What Knots (suitable for other surfaces at least 8" x 10")

Grapes from Tuscany
by Anne Hunter, The Creative Touch (© 2011 Anne Hunter)
click on the photo for free instructions
These lovely grapes are painted with JoSonja paints.  We have an earlier version of this packet specifying DecoArt Americana colors.  Packet on sale for $2 (limited supply)
Watermelon Slice
by Donna Frost
FREE MITI at JB Wood's 2013 Spring Festival, Saturday April 6, 10:15 - 11:15 am

click on the photo for more Spring Festival information