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White Flower Hanging Basket (scalloped edge)
8" H x 6"W  $ 6.99
Floral Tin Pocket Set (2 designs)
Judy Diephouse & Lynne Deptula
$ 7.50
PKT-DIST54  Yellow Bird Mirror $ 7.50
Judy Diephouse and Lynne Deptula
Judy Diephouse & Lynn Deptula
PKT-DIST240  Trio of Nightlights $ 7.50
Judy Diephouse & Lynne Deptula
The night light with adhesive shade is by Wisconsin Lighting Co.  Designs are painted on scrapbooking paper and then adhered to the shades.
Suggested substitute:
DCF2612-69 Shaded Night light with adhesive shade $ 5.29
DCF2612-65 Shaded Night light with Ivory shade $ 4.99


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