Make-it/Take-it projects designed by Anne Hunter, The Creative Touch to show how JoSonja paints and mediums can make a textured background that is perfect for a dry brushing technique. For detailed instructions and designs, please see Anne's new packets.
Anne Hunter, The Creative Touch is the author of:
Visit to Hunter Valley, Another Visit to Hunter Valley, Tempting Tin, Finishing Touches Vol 1 and 2.

Look for her newest book Finishing Touches 3 to be released in late May 2007 by Viking Woodcrafts.

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Quarry House Distributors  - Product Highlight: JoSonja Texture Paste
The Decorative Painter
March/April 2007
published by the Society of Decorative Painters
"The Domino Effect" designed by Judy Westegaard
I enjoyed paintingThe Domino Effect following Judy's instructions and loved the finished piece.  The leaf pattern on the frame is accomplished by outlining with DecoArt's Acrylic Dimensional Writer (Black). I decided however a green frame would look better in our home. Since DecoArt does not make a writer in the right shade of green, I decided to make my own by mixing JoSonja's Texture paste half and half with  Americana Avocado paint. Then I filled a 1-ounce bottle from Loew-Cornell and used the metal writer tip.
JoSonja Texture paste can also be troweled onto a flat surface to make a sheet of clay-like material that can be cut into shape. The rose and leaf pattern was added to this small purse as a faux button.
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