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Quick and Easy Ideas for Winter Holidays

Striped Vase
- Red cylindrical vase from craft store
- masking tape
- White Folk Art Enamel Paint
- wedge shaped sponge applicator

Tape off striped areas of the vase that won't be painted.  Dip the sponge applicator into white glass paint. Pounce excess off on palette paper.  Sponge un-taped areas of vase.  You may wish to do a second coat.
Optional: Paint folk art design on white stripes when they are dry.

It's amazing how many little projects you can do with Plaid's Gloss Enamel paint strips. Very economical for beginners.

Glass Paints
Striped Vase
Snowman Bowl
Frosted Votive
Glass Votive
- PLA4056 Folk Art Enamel Frost White
- PLA20906 FAE Traditional Colors paint set
- glass votive
- votive candle
- wedge shaped sponge applicator

Sponge Frost White all over the glass votive. Let dry. Two coats might be desired for coverage. Your choice. Let dry.
With a liner and your choice of brown, green, etc, paint a twiggy stem around the base of the candle holder. Add stroke leaves and berries.

Snowman Bowl
- white ceramic bowl
- PLA20905 Folk Art Enamels Primary Colors Set

The bowl is alredy white!  Mix white and red FAE to make pink.  Pounce on with a large scumble brush. Paint eyes black. Paint a blue edge on the left side of each eye. Use orange to paint the nose. Brush mix yellow and orange for highlights on top of the carrot nose.
FolkArt Enamels Paint Sets
(each color 1/16 oz) $3.89

Air dry for 21 days or bake. Bake: Air dry 1 hour, place in cool oven, heat to 350F and bake 30 minutes. Cool in oven, remove. Do not use in direct contact with food. Handwash or top rack dish-washer safe.

PLA20905 Primary Set:
- Wicker White
- Engine Red
- Pure Orange
- School Bus Yellow
- Hunter Green
- Cobalt Blue
- Violet Pansy
- Licorice Black

PLA20906 Traditional
- Warm White
- Berry Wine
- Yellow Ochre
- Green Forest
- Midnight
- Burnt Umber
- Gold
- Licorice Black
Wood Letters $ 3.89
1 1/4", contains 60 pieces:

A 4, B2, C2, D2, E4, F2, G2, H2, I3, J2, K2, L2, M2, N2, O3, P2, Q1, R2, S2, T,2, U2, V2, W2, X2, Y2, Z2, and one each: heart shape, star, circle

The amount of projects you can make from one package will depend on what letters you need If you need more circles used as a snowman face, substitue wooden nickels.

The 6" signs can be used as ornaments or hung around the house. Kids would love name signs for their bedrooms. Use your imagination!
PLA78047 Cursive
PLA78040 Dancing
PLA78039 Dot Letters
Simple Signs
Instructions: Simple Signs
Start with a 2 x 6" Rusty Metal Sign (DCC-24-7108 $1.49).  Rusty metal has to be either sprayed with sealer/varnish (DAS13 Matte spray is good) or painted so the metal does not continue to rust.  The Joy sign was sponged with DecoArt's Metal Paint (DMP35 Bronze $2.24) and the wood letters (Cursive) were painted gold and then glitzed up with DecoArt's new Glamour Dust paint.
The Snow sign uses Mixed Up letters with the snowman face painted on the circle that comes with the letters. 
Letters were glued on with Delta's Floral Glue (4oz $2.99) which I like because it is very thick like extra tacky glues. I find this glue much more reliable than hot glue guns plus you can use it with children and not worry about anyone getting burned.

Easy Faces
Easy Faces - supplies
- WH-26314 Circle Tags
  pkg/3  $2.49 (3 1/4")

- DCC-28-6257 4" Raised Round Box $1.99
Easy Face Instructions
The snowman face is adapted from a free DecoArt project. Clique on snowman to go to DecoArt's project library.

The more detailed snow face on the right (in yellow striped border area) is a one of Jamie Mills-Price's generous free patterns. Click on Jamie's name to get the instructions.

Instructions for rhe gingerbread face pictured on the lower left are in Rene Mullin's book Winter Whimsy.
*Merry Winter Snowman from the same book is re-sized from 5" to 4" to fit the paper mache box.
(PLA78043 Mixed Up not shown)
Wood Turnings - Candleholders $10.00

These wood turnings are approx 8" tall and come already embellished with wood putty features (see snowman buttons, nose, cheeks, etc.)  Use your imagination. Any one can paint these.  Oil lamp components are not guaranteed (glass tube and wick). We'd rather insert a wax or battery operated candle anyway.

Shapes are also available without the wood putty features.

Santa Face
Square Santa
Santa with Coat
*Another Winter Whimsy design
Paper Mache Star decorated with Unique Glass Colors White MUD.  Round accents are half round pearls.  Design by Linda Sharp CDA