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DecoArt's Textures can be easily applied with a palette knife, fan brush or Texture Tool on most hard surfaces.
DA-TX01 Glass
DA-TX02 Modeling Paste
DA-TX03 Sand
DA-TX04 Fine
DA-TX05 Thick
DA-TX06 Crackle
DA-TX07 Stucco
Walls, picture frames, vases, urns and other flat or smooth surfaces can be dimensional with the addition of Paintable Textures.
Glistening metaillic flakes are mixed in a subtle, sand-like texture to create the appearance of high-end, gallery quality picture frames, art and more.
Create the look of warm, earthy terra cotta with this product. Rough texture, dries hard, may be sanded. Matte finish.It may be antiqued with Faux Glazing Medium and up to 35% Americana color or Elegant Finish Glaze.
Available in colors. Opaque texture will cover dented, scratched surfaces in one easy-to-apply coat. Paint a design on the crackled surface or antique it for a different look. Thickness of application determines size of crackle.
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