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Product List

DecoArt Mediums
(available in 2oz bottles unless noted otherwise)

Canvas Gel
Drying Time Extender
Easy Float
Fabric Painting Medium
Glazing Medium
Paint Adhesion Medium
Pearlizing Medium
Staining/Antiquing Medium
Thickening Medium
Weathered Wood

DS5 Canvas Gel
Makes acrylic paints blend and shade like oils for canvas painting.  Also extends open time.
DAS1 Drying Time Extender
Mix equal parts with acrylic paints to extend drying time.  Facilitate blending to make stroke work easier.
DS20 Easy Float
Simplifies shading and highlighting.  Add one drop per ounce of water in brush basin. Dip brush in mixture before loading with acrylic paint.
DAS10 Fabric Painting Medium
Add to acrylics to create washable, permanent color for all your fabric projects.
DS18 Glazing Medium
(formerly Faux Glazing)
Makes acrylic paints transparent for faux finishing and glazing techniques. Mix with acrylics for glazing on walls, furniture and hard craft surfaces.

also available in  8oz
DS48 Pearlizing Medium
Gives acrylics the Shimmer of Pearls.  Mix with any acrylic paint to creat a pealescent finish.
DS39 Paint Adhesion Medium
(formerly labeled Candle Painting Medium)
Enables acrylic paint to adhere to slick surfaces such as plastics, metal, wax, soap, glass, porcelain, glazed ceramics, and more.
DS51 Staining/Antiquing
Turns acrylics into a stain.  Mix equal parts with paint to make a stain, use for antiquing or to increase the open time of paint.
DS44 Thickening Medium
Adds Dimension to Acrylics. Create structure and dimension on a variety of hard surfaces.
Crackling Medium. Gives virtually any craft surface an aged, distressed finish.
also available in 8oz