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Brush Soaps & Conditioners
Product List
Thanks to popular demand we've added two new brush care products !
Mona Lisa Brush Shaper   $3.49
Keep expensive brushes like new!
Use Brush Shaper to maintain or restore your brushes to the original factory shape.  Once your brush is clean, and all paint has been removed from the bristles, simply dip your brush into Brush Shaper.  Using your fingers, work Brush Shaper into the bristles, reshape the brush to its original form, and set aside to dry.
When you are ready to use your brushes again, apply a slight pressure back and forth to the bristles with your fingers to loosen residue.  Then with quick stroke action, brush across palm of  hand to remove Brush Shaper from your brush.  You may also rinse the brush with water to remove residue.

Incredible Brush Cleaner
JOS1940   Incredible Brush Cleaner 2oz $ 2.44
JOS1941   Incredible Brush Cleaner 8oz $ 6.40
Cleans and preserves natural or synthetic brushes. 
Easily Removes acrylic, oil or lacquer. 
This brush cleaner is the exact same product as JoSonja's Brush Soap and Conditioner.  Both remove acrylic, oil or lacquer even dried paint that's years old.  Both are manufactured by Chroma and they are priced the same.  Incredible seems to be a catchy label people can remember so we are switching to that product.

Other brush soaps we stock:
Betterway Acrylic Brush Cleaner
Betterway Brush Cleaner & Oil Paint Solvent
DecoMagic Brush Cleaner
Delta Brush Cleaner
JW Etc Formula 2 Brush Cleaner
Masters Brush Soap
Plaid/FolkArt Brush Cleaner
also: stencil brush cleaners
Don't forget this handy heart-shaped
Brush Grooming Pad
R-D100  99 cents